Our team

Accessibility and efficiency: there’s no better way to describe the duo of Pentassuglia-Grignon from the Expert Immobilier real estate agency. This powerhouse of a team shares the same values and high standards for quality when it comes to their work, which is why, early on in their partnership, they adopted a slogan to sum up their philosophy: “Real estate services at a sensible price.” Unlike the well-known formula of charging a fixed commission rate, the Montréal-Immobilier team favours a variable commission rate that takes into account the value of the property and the amount of work required to sell it. In other words, a house that sells quickly will mean a smaller commission paid by the seller. For these two forward-thinking brokers, this unique approach to real estate commissions is the fairest and most sensible solution for the customer.

Nicolas Pentassuglia

Nicolas has many feathers in his cap. The owner of a real estate management and brokerage firm, Nicolas holds a Bachelor of Engineering and has over ten years of experience in real estate management and brokerage.

Nicolas has many great attributes. He’s a bilingual negotiator and gifted communicator; he’s also highly analytical and diplomatic – which explains, in part, why he’s widely recognized for his high-quality service. Nicolas is always in problem-solving mode and ready to meet the needs of his customers. Throw in his impeccable organizational skills and ability to work under pressure, and Nicolas is the perfect choice for anyone looking to successfully conclude a real estate transaction.

Jean-Philippe Grignon

Ever since becoming a real estate broker in 2006, Jean-Philippe has always favoured a working approach based on listening, integrity and transparency. Appreciated for his unwavering patience and adaptability, Jean-Philippe takes pride in respecting the pace of his customers. His greatest strength? He never pressures but always tells it like it is.

Wanting to give his customers more, Jean-Philippe partnered with Nicolas Pentassuglia in 2016 under the banner of Expert Immobilier, where they now ensure a broker is always available for customers.

Jean-Philippe Grignon

Always up to date with the latest developments in the real estate market, the Montréal-Immobilier duo are licensed OACIQ brokers and have professional liability insurance. They have the right tools to sell any property as quickly as possible…. and at the best possible price.

Real estate services at a sensible price!